This's a little mention of the legendary Sierra Cosworth 3doors  D 372 TAR, is the mythical one that won the XXXII Tour de corse  in 1988 .....

The sierra D 372 TAR was exit from  Boreham in 1987 with tarmac configuration for Stig Blonqvist for Corsica's rally 1987 ,then it passed to Auriol for next year.

He whon a world rally  that was missingfrom 12 years!!Then he make a 1000 lakes rally,that was arrive 3°,and in the Sanremo rally he did a big incident and destroyed  

After recovering from a ford motorsport, was entrusted to Cunico for participating in the tour again 89 runs in de livery Q8, where he obtained the post 7, dispute the RAC but retired and was his last world output.

In step 90 in the hands of Colin McRae, to join British Open

At the end of the season was bought by Malcolm Wilson and his is still (talking about 1992).


The final output has made the Touquet French rally behind the driver  with Chris Witty manager of Ford Motorsport, which she wanted to take her to guide her satisfaction, her goal was to bring it to the the end of the rally  and he succeeded, without damage to its .... impressions were: 'is more easier to find sponsors for a car rally, who drive as Auriol ...."


Stig Blonqvist tour the corse 1987

Auriol tour the Corse 1988

Auriol 1000 lakes 1988

Auriol  san remo 88

Cunico tour the Corse '89 

Chris Witty Rally Touquet